PYO Palette Background

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Designed to be used as a background with your PYO designs, airbrush the clouds & grass and then they can be used as part of the paint palette! Add icing transfer "rocks" or flowers to complete the whole experience!

Saves time, saves money on expensive separate paint palettes and makes the whole cookie interactive!

**Note: this design works with our Lola Bunny & Eggharr Dino PYO designs but would work with other PYO designs - just maybe use our blockers if you need to block off a cloud or make the grass shorter! Our banner blockers would work perfectly  available - HERE


Black areas are the OPEN areas on the stencil. 
Overall stencil size is 5.5inches x 5.5 inches or 14cm x 14cm. 
All sizing is approximate. 
Stencils are made with a food contact safe mylar.  
Stencibelle watermark will not appear on the final product.




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