Pro-Starter Pack - Now Includes the Notta Cookie!

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Pro-Starter Pack - Now Includes the Notta Cookie! is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Everything you need to get your cookie stencilling game off to the right start with this value saving pack!

You'll be a pro in no time!

Pack includes:
1 x Notta Cookie - a plastic reusable cookie that you can use to practise you stencilling and other techniques on!
1 x Stencil Genie  -  Included is 1 (One)- 5.5" square, two piece frame w/ strong neodyne magnets with a 1/4” side & 3/8” side that holds a stencil securely above your cookie.
1 x 4 Pack Sugar Smoothers  -  2 Thick and 2 Think Frosted plastic smoothers to use when stencilling with Royal Icing
1 x Regular Stripe Stencil
1 x Diamond Damask Stencil
1 x Polka Dot Stencil 1 x Chevron Stencil
1 x Regular Pack Banner Blockers
1 x Mini Stencil Adapter - so you can use our Mini Stencils with your stencil genie
1 x Thank You Mini Stencil


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