Birch Tree COMPANION Stencils - NOW available in 8 coordinating designs!

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Use the stencils with our Birch tree stencil to create a gorgeous scene. Find our Birch Tree stencil HERE


Ghostly Eyes - create a spooky theme with these eyes peering from between the trees.

Hanging Hearts - create a lovely romantic scene, great for Valentines or Rustic Wedding Themes

Starry Night - create a starry night look with this great stencil, could also be used by itself on any design.

Yellow Ribbons - Tie a yellow ribbon around the tree to remember someone.

Flying Bats - Create a scene for Halloween - this ALSO coordinates so you can use the ghostly eyes at the same time - see example pic

Autumn Leaves - because when birch trees change colour its so beautiful!

Mini Cardinal Bird - make him red and create a great winter scene.

Mini Owl - Add an owl for a great Halloween scene.


Six pack contains the six regular sizes stencils (Ghostly Eyes, Hanging Hearts, Starry Night, Yellow Ribbons, Flying Bats andAutumn Leaves) and no Mini's.

Eight Pack Contains all six regular sized stencils plus the 2 mini's. 

Black areas are the OPEN areas on the stencil.

Overall stencil size is 5.5inches x 5.5 inches or 14cm x 14cm.

All sizing is approximate.

All stencils fit the Stencil Genie ©

Stencils are made with a food safe plastic and are 5mil thick.

 Stencibelle watermark will not appear on the final product. 



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