Boho Dreams Stencil Collection - Set of 12 stencils

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Our Boho Dreams Collection comes with 12 stencils to make a gorgeous Boho themed set.

Use the Dream Catcher, Twig Wreath and feathers from the feather bunting to create a gorgeous dream catcher. The 'Boho Dreams' Typography is eye catching and there are heaps of ways to use the backgrounds and edger.

You will receive one each of the following - please note in the large pack you will receive the large options listed below and in the small pack the small options listed below:

1 x Aztec Dreams

1 x Feather Bunting - 2 piece (feathers and rope) - the 3 middle feathers are used for the Dream Catcher - use our blockers which can be found HERE

1 x Dream Catcher

1 x Boho Dreams

1 x Circle of Feathers (3inch large or 2.5 inch small) 

1 x Circle of Arrows (3inch large or 2.5 inch small) 

1 x Aztec Edges

1 x River Sticks

1 x Twig Wreath (for the outside of the dream catcher)

1 x Scattered Arrows

1 x Boho Arrows

Black areas are the OPEN areas on the stencil.

Overall stencil size is 5.5inches x 5.5 inches or 14cm x 14cm.

All sizing is approximate.

All stencils fit the Stencil Genie ©

Stencils are made with a food safe plastic and are 5mil thick.

 Stencibelle watermark will not appear on the final product. 



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