Finally get that Airbrush out of its Box!! One on One Class with Belle - Via ZOOM

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This is a personal 2 hour class via ZOOM where Belle will help you FINALLY get that airbrush out of its box!! We will go through set up, troubleshooting, stencilling our first cookie and all the tips and tricks to set you up for success! 

Learn all about the ZOOM Virtual Meeting app HERE

What you get:

2 hours with Belle all to yourself! We connect via Zoom* and you can stay in your Pj's if you want! No going to classes with other people, no being embarrassed because you don't know one end of the airbrush from the other! I won't judge I promise - I might even be in my Pj's too!

I truly want you to get that darn Airbrush out of its box and USE IT!! 

Over the 2 hours we will go through ALLLL of my tips and tricks to set you up for great airbrushing! We will put your machine together and then take it apart again so you learn how to clean it!!  And of course spray your first cookie! TOGETHER! I'll be right there with you - virtually holding your hand in your lounge room or dining room.... just not the bedroom please that might get weird!

Once you purchase this class Belle will contact you and work out a mutually agreeable time and email you a list of what you will need for the class along with some simple prep work for the class (hint you might need to bake and flood some cookies and find that airbrush at the back of the cupboard!)

Take the plunge today and start using that airbrush to up your cookie game!

*If ZOOM is not available in your area we can connect using another service such as Skype / Whatsapp / Facetime or other similar apps! I'll work with you as to what is best for you!



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