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Get your cookie stencilling game off to the right start with our Pro Starter Pack! and SAVE at the same time! You'll be a pro in no time!

Pack includes:

1 x Stencil Genie  -  Included is 1 (One)- 5.5" square, two piece frame w/ strong neodyne magnets with a 1/4” side & 3/8” side that holds a stencil securely above your cookie.

1 x 4 Pack Sugar Smoothers  -  2 Thick and 2 Think Frosted plastic smoothers to use when stencilling with Royal Icing

1 x Regular Stripe Stencil

1 x Diamond Damask Stencil

1 x Polka Dot Stencil

1 x Chevron Stencil

1 x Regular Pack Banner Blockers

1 x Mini Stencil Adapter - so you can use our Mini Stencils with your stencil genie

1 x Thank You Mini Stencil



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