Screen Genie (Silk Screen to go with your Stencil Genie)

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Get your airbrushing looking crisp, without underspray, by using the new Screen Genie! Sized perfectly to fit your Stencil Genie, just add the screen directly on top of your stencil before attaching the top Stencil Genie frame. Silkscreen mesh will hold your stencil snug against your cookie so your airbrushing always looks clean! And if that isn't great enough, the whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning! Never worry about your silkscreen loosening or getting damaged. Just remove the rubber gasket to tighten the screen or replace it entirely. Use with both airbrushing and royal icing.

Screen Genie consists of 1 plastic frame sized perfectly to fit over your Stencil Genie, 1 rubber gasket to hold silkscreen in place, and 1 mesh screen. Additional mesh screens will be available soon!

Screen Genie is hand wash only



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