Mini Punny Valentines Stencils - 13 Designs

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Show your Valentine you care Berry much with our fruity pun stencils!

Each design matches our fruit (and vegetable) stencils.

Designs available:

**New** "You stole a Pizza my heart" - coordinates with our 3pc Pizza stencil available HERE

"I Pine for you" - coordinates with our pineapple stencils available HERE

"You're the Apple of my eye!" - coordinates with our Apple 3 piece stencil available HERE

"You're Smashing!" - coordinates with our Pumpkin 3 piece stencil available HERE

"You've got a Peach of my heart!" - coordinates with our Peach 3 piece stencil available HERE

"We make a great Pear!" - coordinates with our Pear 3 piece stencil available HERE

 "I'm very Grapeful for you!" - coordinates with our Grape 3 piece stencil available HERE

"One in a Melon!" - coordinates with our Watermelon 3 piece stencil available HERE

"You hold the Kiwi to my heart!" - coordinates with our Kiwi 3 piece stencil available HERE

"I love you Berry much!" - coordinates with our Strawberry 3 piece stencil available HERE

"I Cherry-ish You!" - coordinates with our Cherry 3 piece stencil available HERE

"You're Amaizing!" - coordinates with our Corn stencil available HERE

"You're Sublime!" - coordinates with our Citrus stencils available HERE

Designs on average are 2.4 inches wide & between 1.6 & 2.0 inches tall 

Black areas are the OPEN areas on the stencil.

Overall stencil size is 3.5inches round (9cm) 

All sizing is approximate. 

All stencils fit our Mini Adapter, which fits the Stencil Genie ©  which you can find HERE



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