How to use Stencils - When you don't have an Airbrush!

Here is our video series on how to use our stencils when you don't have an airbrush machine. We understand not everyone can afford an airbrush machine, but you also want to use your stencils with more than just Royal icing - well here we show you how!
In our first Episode I use a small pump spray that is filled with food colour and vodka (don't worry the vodka evaporates and just leaves the colour). You could also use airbrush colour.
You can get similar the small pump HERE.  
In Episode 2, I use our Moroccan Flowers stencil as an impression mat on fondant. Just put the stencil over the fondant (dust with cornstarch first to avoid it sticking) and roll over it hard with a small roling pin.
You could cover a whole cookie with this method or use it as an accent piece like I did here.
 In Episode 3 I used natural sea sponges with our Fall Leaves Stencil with food colour to create a great fall look. You can find similar sea sponges HERE. Dilute the food colour a little with vodka and make sure you don't have too much colour on the sponge, blot it off a bit on paper towel before putting on your cookie.


In Episode 4 I use a stencilling / stippling brush (that is only kept for food) on our Quatreflower Stencils.

I got the brush from my local craft store, any flat ended brush will do. I use undiluted food colour gel (Wilton Delphinium Blue here) I think the thicker the better for this one to avoid it leaking under the stencil.


Don't forget you can always use our stencils with Royal Icing and one of our Sugar Smoothers - so many ways to use stencils without needing an airbrush machine! Example below of using Royal Icing with our stencils.

Stencils used here are our Bouquet of Roses and our Filigree Leaves along with our reusable Tulle to give you texture.  


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