3D Pop Corn Box - Step By Step Tutorial

Why not make an edible popcorn cookie box for your next movie night or movie-themed birthday party where you can eat the box as well?!

These would look great on a candy buffet. You can also use this box as an edible favour box for any party - fill with candies, chocolates or even popcorn cookies!

You will need:

  • Stencibelle popcorn cookie box cutter & stencil set - you can find it HERE 
  • Your favourite non-spreading cookie dough I love this one by Sweet Sugarbelle or this one by Lilaloa
  • Royal icing (outline , flood and stiff consistencies) - This is my favourite recipe from Sweetopia 
  • Piping bags
  • Piping tips (round #2, round #4, small star tip - such as a Wilton #15 )
  • Airbrush Machine
  • Amerimist Holiday Red (or Tulip Red - I do not recommend Super Red as its too dark) airbrush colour
  • Popcorn (or candy to fill the box with!)


 1. Bake 4 of the sides of the box and one base using your favourite cut-out sugar cookie recipe or gingerbread recipe. A recipe with minimal spreading is ideal. Its also a good idea to bake 1-2 extras just in case!

2. If you do experience a little bit of spread during baking, you can use a microplane to gently and carefully straighten up the sides
3. Outline and flood each of the four sides of the box with white royal icing, and let dry overnight. Leave the small square base un-iced.
4. Airbrush one of the sides of the cookie box using the stencil with the oval piece
attached. I used Amerimist Holiday Red as it gives that bright popcorn box red.
5. Airbrush the other 3 sides with the plain stripes. Let dry thoroughly.
7. Using the POP CORN Mini Stencil,
position it over where the previous stencil left the oval shape.
Airbrush this as well in the same red. Let dry thoroughly.
8. Using very stiff royal icing attach the first side of your cookie box to the base, use tin
can or jars to support the side. Continue with the other 3 sides, attaching the cookies
to the base the up each side. You may want to strengthen your box with extra icing
down the seams on the inside of the box. Let dry thoroughly, overnight is best here.
9.Once your box is completely dry use a star tip and stiff royal icing again to pipe a
shell / bead border down the outside seams to neaten them up (this step is optional if you
like but does finish off the box nicely and make it more sturdy). I found it helpful to
flip the box over for this part. Again let dry thoroughly.
10. Fill with popcorn and enjoy!
First Published by Cake Magazine May 2017
Copyright Stencibelle 2017


Belle Harris

What a great idea for an Academy Awards Party event. Unfortunately its so close to to the event it would never get yo the States in time.

Belle Harris

I’d choose the puny gravestones mini as my first stencil….I also like this one

Belle Harris

This is the first stencil I’d choose! Made these a few times without a stencil and was not happy with how “imperfect” it looked

Belle Harris

I love this idea!! Super cute!

Belle Harris

I needed this like 2 months ago…thanks for sharing it should be perfect now the next time I try lol ?

Belle Harris

I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you….vicki

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