Pop Corn Cookies

Stencils Used in this set of cookies are:

Popcorn 2 Piece Set, Drips Stencil, Mini Stencil Adapter, Straight Edge Blockers, Splatter Stencil.

Use the Pop Corn 2 piece set to do the "bucket", with the stripes first and then using the Mini Stencil Adapter to hold the mini - we used Amerimist Holiday red for both of these.

Use the Drips Stencil to add some butter drips. We used Amerimist Lemon Yellow.

Then use the Straight Edge Blocker along with the Splatter Stencil to add detail to the "pop corn". We used Amerimist Lemon Yellow and Amerimist Ivory.





Belle Harris

Hi, your popcorn stencil set is sooo cute, but were do I find the popcorn box cookie cutter? Not the 3d set, just the simple box.

Belle Harris

I couldnt comment through the link page for the giveaway either so I will also comment here. I would get the dog/cat combo first but i would have a hard time narrowing it down to just 100 if I won! Theyre all amazing!

Belle Harris

Great idea. I couldn’t comment on the 100 stencil giveaway, so I will comment here. I love the new punny gravestones.

Belle Harris

What a great idea!!!!!

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